Free Estate Planning

There are many components to a personal estate plan and just as the legacy you choose is exceptionally personal, the method of creating your plan is unique to your situation.

That is why the Foundation has partnered with the experts at Thompson & Associates, a nationally-recognized charitable estate planning firm, to provide you with charitable estate planning information and guidance that assures your legacy will be what you envision.

In the coming months, Thompson & Associates Vice President Ron Smith will be available to help you better understand how estate planning can increase estate gifts to your children and reduce estate taxes while elevating your life’s significance.

During your Thompson & Associates estate planning process, you’ll gain insight into…

  • Do I have enough money to live comfortably for the remaining decades of my life?
  • How much should I leave my heirs, and what’s the optimal timing for these distributions?
  • How can I best utilize tax effective strategies to benefit myself and my family?

An appointment with Ron is:

  • filled with expertise from an unbiased third party
  • no charge to you
  • completely confidential
  • personalized – using a thoughtful, values-based process that focuses on your objectives
  • on your schedule with no time constraints
  • provides a complete suggested course of action for you to share with your personal advisor

Thompson & Associates works with nonprofit organizations, such as our Foundation, to help individuals understand their options, review their current plans and establish guiding principles for their estate plan. We are underwriting the cost, so it may be offered to you as a complimentary service, with no obligation. It truly is a gift to you!

It may be the perfect time to consider your legacy. Call 256-571-8026 today to schedule your no cost, no obligation consultation. Limited appointments are available.

Together, we can change lives by ensuring the highest quality health care is available to our community, both now and in the years to come.